Erika Warfield

Erika Warfield

When I was 4 years old, I was dumped in Tehran, Iran… and left to fend for myself on how to get home.

How does that happen to an American child in Tehran?

It happens after your first day of Montessori when the school bus driver kicks you out of his bus after you’ve fallen asleep.

We all have our pivotal moments. Mine happened at 4 years-old as the daughter of a military contractor.

Long story short: I made it home safely.

Result: I know how to pivot quickly and now guide others to safety when their team’s life (revenue) is on the line.

How do I get more recurring revenue for MOTIVATED B2B CXOs, shorten their sales cycles & close their ideal dream clients?

I figured out The Forgotten Trifecta to Strategic Growth.

BUT, I had to perfect this hat trick on my own during the corporate bloodbath that was COVID 2020.

Luckily, I could pivot quickly & was fortunate to have mastered virtual selling.

In a nutshell, that Virtual Sales method involves Virtual Outbound Sales, Digital Marketing, & Direct-Response Copywriting.

2020 was the best year of my professional career. Partly due to the massive shift to WFH sales… and few companies knowing how to sell virtually, much less understanding the cost-effectiveness of Influencer Marketing.

I'm not your average sales catalyst, though. I strive for growth holistically… sales, marketing, strategy, & leadership.

I've worked with major companies like Mary Kay Inc, BMW, AutoNation, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, & many tech start-ups.

That alone makes working with me more profitable for you & (frankly) just plain fun.

BTW, "it ain't braggin' if it's true".

I’m also a classical musician with firearms training | a former On-Air Personality | & a recreational Ballroom, Latin, & Argentine Tango dancer, bypassing some beginner’s classes because I thought…

“Girl, please. You ain’t got time to play."

Know this: You too ain’t got time to play.

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Erika Warfield