Kissing Your Dragons: Blowing Sh*t Up in a Blown-Up World

Innovating through crisis is less about the what and all about the how. The Kissing Your Dragons framework (yep, it’s a framework) offers a roadmap, toolbelt, and ass kicking that will challenge you to rethink your approach to business and life. By combining the power and messiness of radical relationships with a reimaged take on mindsets and then piling on a bold, authentic exploration of the role that heartsets play in our day-to-day interactions, we’ll engage a no-bullsht lens for how to blow sht up in a blown-up world.

I am an author, executive, public figure, pastor, creative consultant who has leveraged the skills that helped make me so successful at Disney, Xavier University (Chief Innovation Officer), Healthways (Chief Experience & Transformation Officer) to now take my clients at MOFI to additional 8- & 9-figure increases in revenue while increasing morale, lowering attrition, & increasing lifetime value of customers. My secret? Empathetic leadership that dares to think & go BIG, putting EXPERIENCE at the center of everything I do & my proven track record of over-delivering.

Let's work together to build your product, brand, and service awareness. I will post your content 5 times to my network for maximum views and engagement. I am a strong believer that engagement provides the most value within a network of connections and followers. I am well versed and connected in all verticals. I value my network greatly and can ensure your messaging and content will be well received.