7-Point Brand Strategy for Continual Content from 1 Livestream

How's THIS for the ULTIMATE 7-Point Branding Strategy to Produce Continual Content from ONE Source?

Talk with me LIVE to my audience + receive a “Live-to-Tape” recording to repurpose as you see fit (with coaching)… $650 per livestream/episode

Join me as a VIP Guest on our “Strategy Saturday” Livestream (9 am CST / CDT - 3 pm Universal Time) to engage with my lovely and faithful audience about:

  • You
  • Your endeavors and company
  • Your best strategies to help other entrepreneurs
  • Your offering and CTA

All LIVE with a large, highly interactive, international audience that shows up on Saturdays rain or shine.

Afterwards, I’ll provide you with the 45-minute “Live-to-Tape” footage, so that you can repurpose your content in whole or as micro-content on all of the various platforms.

Do you know how much video content and snippets you can extract from 45-minutes worth of footage of yourself?

It’s mind-boggling.

Let’s chat and I’ll fill you in on all the ways once you have your recording.

Service Includes:

  1. Mini strategy session, so that I know what 3 bullets you’d like to cover and your CTA
  2. Event created to drive traffic
  3. Full engagement of the event post to drive traffic and invitation acceptance
  4. 45-minute Livestream on “Strategy Saturday”
  5. Footage of livestream provided to you and your team to repurpose as content
  6. 15-min debrief after the Livestream &/or Coaching on repurposing the content.
  7. All with a host who has been trained by some of the best on-camera personalities in Los Angeles and Dallas.

Stats for typical livestreams: 50-100 reactions with 300-450 comments / multiple shares and awesome folks downloading your CTA.

Latest livestream with Kristopher Robert Drees as guest: 80+ reactions with 325+ reactions / 18 shares and awesome folks scheduling calls with Kris. See below:


Highest rated livestream with Russ Johns as guest: 90+ reactions with 643 comments / multiple shares and awesome folks downloading Russ' CTA to schedule discovery calls and download his digital product. See below with Russ' recommendation:


"I got dozens of downloads and 15 follow-ups after being hosted on Erika’s show. Erika rocks the world of live streaming and making connections. Highly recommended. Fifty stars." - Russ Johns