5000 Leads Per Month | For Direct Emails | For Re-targeting

Looking to do more deals? You can't do more deals or even spell deals without L E A D S.

LinkedIn connections and followers are important but have you ever tried downloading 1st Level contact information for direct emails or calls? Linkedin makes this very difficult and almost impossible at scale.

If you are in Sales, Marketing, Recruiting or Investing, and you need B-B Leads to email and connect with I can help you not only with the Leads themselves but also in creating a system for outreach into your CRM like sales force or the best email sending platforms for direct outreach or even setting up call centers if needed.

I have decades of marketing & business development experience. Having scaled operations from real estate to healthcare to crowdfunding.

Imagine if you had someone that can help you get the emails, phone numbers, and social profiles for everyone that fits your needs. So you can 10X your outreach.

Some clients use these leads lists for LinkedIn Outreach and Others for Direct Email Outreach or Call Centers, and Marketers know the power of using targeted leads for retargeting on the Google Search & Ads Networks as well as Social Media platforms like LinkedIn & Facebook

The power is in the list.

I help you build a list of 5,000 targeted leads per month.

Get double-verified emails validated in real-time for a 0% bounce rate.

Scale up your cold calling efforts with phone numbers for your targeted leads.

Get LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter profiles for multi-channel social selling.

Get full insights on your leads, including work history, skills, college education, and more.

Are you ready to do more deals?

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