Massimo Brebbia

Massimo Brebbia

Massimo Brebbia
Vice President Atlantic Maritime, Marine and Energy Sector.

Visibility and reach are the keys to growth, I have experienced this first hand.

Shield verified over 15M views in 2021.

My posts have been rated in the top 1% engagement by LinkedIn. I reach 300% visibility with peaks of over 600k views per post. Average engagement protracts from over two weeks from posting.

Over 3000 likes and 400 comments in a post:

Over 600k Views in a post:

Always engagement:

Some more numbers:

Average 1.5M total views per month - 90 new Posts per month - Constant growth + 20% per month.

Now I am in a position to help you with a solid network of professionals, supported by a credible and proven track record.

I am a trusted professional supporting other professionals in their professional growth. My experience in the field at your service online and in person.

  • Guest at podcasts
  • Webinar as Guest

If your values are honesty, customer care, and delivery excellence, we are on the same page.

I have built a solid and credible career in the Energy sector and I run a well-known consulting firm

I look every day for opportunities and to connect with great people, I believe the network is the basis of every successful business. It always starts with a conversation sharing thoughts and understanding the values driving the business.

For me, all about generating value from a relationship, friendship, or professional. In business, this translates into revenue, and to maximise the share of the wallet I want to understand the data, the numbers, the geopolitical, demographic, and psychographic profile of any opportunity.

Life is about choices and choices are based on what you need and want, when I wish for truffles, I avoid the supermarket, I call old Jonas at the mountain village; when I need a suit, I ask Edward the tailor downtown, I am not going to the mall. My portfolio relies on me for tailored, fine-tuned services you can only receive from someone who knows and understand your needs. Trust and experience are not off-the-shelf commodities.

Be safe out there

Massimo Brebbia

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Amazing work. Massimo has been perfect in this collaboration. I highly recommend everyone to work with him.

Charlee Jeunehomme about listing Promote your product 9 months ago.

Good job, Massimo. Thank you for a brief well executed.

Ayokunle Bankole about listing Promote your product 10 months ago.

Good positive experience with Massimo. Thanks for the help.

Anuj Jagannathan about listing Promote your product 12 months ago.
Massimo Brebbia