I am an expert in social media marketing and Health & Wellness.
I keep a close eye on trends and directions.
I have a winderful record of clients' positive feedbacks,I will furnish my client's testimonials when requested.

My network includes leaders in the Marketing , Business and Health industries.

When you book me, I will:
- Interpret your request and create a catchy post to capture the attention of my network.
-Manage your presence on LinkedIn.
- Add useful hashtags.
- Tag people in my network who would benefit from your offering.

I have a huge network with a fan following of more than 185K followers on LinkedIn. Companies which collaborate with me will be benefitted by my getting the benefits of my business networks.

I love speaking at events virtually.

Currently ,I am enjoying many roles including empowering people and equipping them with Empowerment tools so they can lead a happy and successful life. I also coach my coachees on finding their mission,vision,purpose ~Their Ikigai.

I help companies and professionals love getting visibility on LinkedIn when they book me for sharing their content and commenting on their posts etc. I post profiles, products and services on my profile timeline which reaches my huge following of 158K followers.

I have many testimonials of clients. DM me for more details.

I am honoured to be ~
✅Top 50 most Impactful people of LinkedIn &
✅Top Voices of LinkedIn.
✅Top 175 influencers of LinkedIn

Ask me for the testimonials provided by my clients, how their visibility was boosted and they gained many followers, I will furnish the details.

Drop me a message, Let's win together. Let's work together to build your brand, service and business awareness. I look forward to help you gain engagement and interest in your product or service.

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Awesome experience with Ms. Suchi. She is extremely professional, dedicated and helpful. I would recommend to anyone to contact her. Many thanks to Ms. Suchi for making it a great experience.

She is very responsive and very knowledgeable. She's also helped me gain many followers.

Excellent visibility, lots of comments and conversation on the post. Very professional. thanks !!