Suzette Bailey - SimpleMarketing.AI

Suzette Bailey - SimpleMarketing.AI

Four years ago when Suzette Bailey tried to pivot her successful business advising government agencies on information management to help small business owners to systemise their operations, she found her skill doing 6-figure deals didn’t translate to selling $500 courses.

She struggled to continually generate the content required to market her new business.
So when she saw the opportunity in late 2020 to use world-leading AI to generate marketing content for businesses like hers, she took it.

Cofounding, Suzette has built the business with a focus on helping businesses short on marketing and technical skills to generate the marketing content they need to attract and engage customers.

With an initial product in the market, and a free account for light users, SimpleMarketing.AI is now helping businesses around the world to generate the content they need every day to market and grow.

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Suzette Bailey - SimpleMarketing.AI